President's Message  

  • School Anthem

    Dear Students,
    Guru Nanak Vidyak Society started in 1947 as a humble effort to cater to the society’s need in the field of education. Our sole motivation was to fulfill the thirst for knowledge and to bring about a change, at the grass root level. As the history would have it; it did not remain there, it grew from strength to strength in a short span of time and over a period of 63 years, our trust has patronized 32 schools, 2 junior colleges, one degree college, one B. Ed college, one D. Ed college. It has, over the years strived to maintain high degree and standards of education while earning a name only a few good institutions can boast of.

    I was thinking for quite sometime to diversify and grow our institutions to meet the demands of the changing times. Thus, under our banner I wanted an Institute that would inculcate global values, while fulfilling the need of the students for higher and better education. So keeping that in mind, we started this Management Institute. As more and more MBA institutes are being established everyday in every nook and corner of Mumbai….I want to make a point to our students that, we will make a difference and that is going to stay with them for a long, long time to come.

    I dream of a great future for our institution once and I can see that dream fulfilled. I see young, eager, restless students waiting to learn. I promise, we will do everything in our power to empower them with the help of the staff, who have joined us with the similar dream.